Wintertime Moisture Problems and Your HVAC System

hvac issues during winter

Although California may be considered to have a relatively dry climate most of the year, your home can still suffer water damage from humidity and other moisture problems in winter. Keeping your HVAC system well-maintained and keeping an eye out for any moisture issues can help you avoid damage such as mold, rot, and more.…

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Scheduling a Heating Safety Inspection

The new year is in full effect and everyone’s got their “Start of the year to-do list”. Most people’s’ lists consist of fixing broken things around the house and of course, going to the gym and eating healthier. What we don’t normally think about is the preventative maintenance of our homes and our home comfort.…

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What Is NATE Certification and Why Is It Important?

You see it on our website: “NATE-certified” – but what exactly does that mean? And why is it important? Just as there are special certifications in other industries, there are also special certifications in the HVAC industry. Becoming a NATE-certified technician denotes a specific level of expertise and understanding in heating and cooling, which is…

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