Southern California may be known for a pleasant climate that’s warm almost all year-round, but the scorching summer days can be brutal. Having no cooling solution for your home can be particularly awful, especially when the thermometer climbs up well into triple digits, sending you on a search to find a cooling solution that will…

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What are “Coils” & How Do They Work?

Do you know how your air conditioner works? If you don’t, there’s no need to panic or worry, in fact that makes you like most homeowners. Air conditioners aren’t exactly simple machines—they have a number of parts, both moving and not-moving, that all need to work correctly in unison in order for your system to…

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Problems Addressed by Duct Repair Service

Ducts are basically long tubes – usually made of metal or fiberglass – that stretch from your HVAC system throughout the various corners of your homes. Unlike the movies, you can’t usually crawl through them, but they do develop breaches and breaks from time to time. Here in Culver City, duct repair services can fix…

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