Reasons to Consider a Ductless Mini-Split

If you need a new heating system but don’t have any ducts, it may seem as though your options are limited. But a ductless mini-split is actually one of the most efficient heating systems out there, and is extremely effective in the Los Angeles area. Here are just a few of the reasons you may…

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How Can a New Thermostat Help with Heating?

Today’s thermostats are very different from the standard dial and slide thermostats many of us are familiar with. In fact, thermostats today are so much more functional than the standard manual ones that you could be losing out on energy savings. As we head toward the heating season in Los Angeles, many people look for…

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What Happens During a Heating Maintenance Appointment

Winter is fast approaching, and everyone is scrambling to make sure that their heating systems are in the best possible shape. As you know, fall is the best season in which to conduct preventative maintenance on your heating system. You may be wondering, however, what your HVAC technician actually does to ensure that your heating…

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