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One of the most important aspects of your home and your health is having proper indoor air quality, as bad quality air can affect you and your loved ones in more ways than one. The presence of mold, pollen, or dust can be incredibly adverse, which is why it is vital you enlist in the trusted services of our team at JW Heating and Air. Our Los Angeles heating and HVAC experts can help you with any number of HVAC needs, including installation, repair, and replacement of any indoor air purifiers, as well as other equipment in keeping your home as clean, and therefore as safe, as possible.


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Our technicians at JW Heating and Air are committed to offering a wide variety of services, including duct sealing, duct repairs, and repairs or tune-ups for any indoor air quality equipment you may currently have. We understand just how essential it is for your home to have as clean as possible, as this is vital to both you and your family’s health and safety. repairs and tune–ups for any current indoor air quality equipment, as well as duct sealing and duct repairs. This is why we are so dedicated to making sure your air quality systems are up-to-date and functional. If you need protection from mold, dust mites, pet dander, or pollen, we can install a variety of air cleaners and filtration systems to take care of the problem!



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At JW Heating and Air, we are comprised of skilled, experienced, and reliable Los Angeles heating & HVAC technicians who have are more than willing to successfully install and replace any air filtration systems you may have in your home. We pride ourselves on treating each and every customer as more than just that--we strive to treat you like family, because building a long-term relationship with you is our goal. Quality is our ultimate priority, regardless of your HVAC needs. If you are interested in increasing the moisture in the air of your home during the colder months, or are conversely interested in reducing moisture when it gets hotter, our team can help--we can install humidifiers and dehumidifiers to service your entire home. Not only can we help improve your air quality, we can help you and your loved ones breathe easier while increasing the efficiency of your home HVAC system.

Many people wonder what options they have in seeking an inexpensive solution to a number of air quality issues in their home, and the answer is simple: UV germicidal lights. These products can kill various bacteria and viruses, and they can even help prevent mold from distributing inside your ductwork. As you can imagine, badly designed or ruined ductwork is a significant factor in air-quality, though many people don’t realize leaky ductwork may be responsible for up to 30% of energy loss in your home. However, you need not fear of this from happening when you enlist in the help of JW Heating and Air--our experts will not only install germicidal lights, we can also cap any leaky ducts, resulting in a plethora of saved energy and money in the long run.

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