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The ductwork of your home acts as a circulatory system and circulates heated or cold air to keep your home comfortable even in extreme weather conditions. If your ductwork is faulty or old, replacing it may be the most beneficial option. JW Heating and Air provides top-of-the-line Los Angeles heating & HVAC services to help customers achieve a comfortable and fully functional home.

When should you replace your duct system?

  • There are irregularities of airflow in different places of the home
  • There are temperature variations in different rooms
  • Exposed areas such as crawl spaces and attics have holes or tears
  • The ductwork is more than 10-15 years old

With central heating and air conditioning systems, the ductwork needs to be designed and installed properly to effectively heat and cool your home. Our dedicated Los Angeles heating and HVAC technicians can help you select the high–efficiency system that works best for your specific needs. If your ductwork was poorly designed or installed incorrectly, replacing it may be the best way to avoid health complications from poor indoor air quality.

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The Los Angeles heating & HVAC technicians at JW Heating and Air are committed to customer satisfaction. That is why we treat each client like family and make every effort to perform our work as cleanly as possible. When we show up to your home, we are dressed in clean uniforms, and we use drop cloths and wear shoe covers to protect your floors.

When remodeling a home and replacing ductwork, it’s important to hire a HVAC contractor with the experience it takes to get the job done right. With years of experience and ongoing training, we know how to properly install and replace existing ductwork in a safe and efficient manner. We do everything up to code, and we can help improve the efficiency of your heating and A/C system.

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