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JW Heating and Air offers duct sealing service in Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley, San Gabriel Valley areas, and all of Orange County. After seeing thousands of homes, we've seen just about every type of ductwork problem a homeowner can have. From poorly designed ductwork, to severely damaged and leaky air ducts, there are many issues that require duct sealing or duct repair services.

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The experienced Los Angeles heating & HVAC technicians at JW Heating and Air are well equipped to handle a variety of ductwork problems. Sealing air ducts in your home is a step that can save you both energy and money. We often inspect ductwork and find that the joints in the duct system are sealed with duct tape, which is a helpful but only temporary measure when it comes to sealing ducts. Proper duct sealing and insulation can provide much better protection to keep your ducts functioning at maximum efficiency.

How the process works:

  • We start by inspecting your ducts to determine any damage
  • If your ducts are sealed with duct tape or are significantly damaged, we will recommend sealing with mastic
  • Our team shows up on time, wearing clean clothes and shoe coverings to keep your floors clean
  • We can answer your questions and work quickly to seal your ducts so you can save energy and money
  • We can advise you if your ducts need further insulation

Because the ductwork in your home probably runs through some unfinished areas, such as basements and attics, extreme heat and cold air can cause separation at the joints. Permanent sealing requires painting with mastic, which is a material that should only be handled by a trained professional. Our knowledgeable and dedicated Los Angeles heating & HVAC technicians can handle duct sealing projects in a safe and efficient manner to eliminate leaks and help your home stay comfortable all year long.

According to the EPA, the ductwork in a standard home can cause up to 25% of the home’s energy losses. It can also affect indoor air quality by re–distributing indoor air pollutants that get into the holes or loose joints in unfinished areas. We care about our customers and can work hard to ensure your ducts are properly insulated and sealed so that you can save money on energy bills.

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